In this course we lay the building blocks for developing an effective communication system and a strong relationship with your dog. We look at all the basic obedience commands and the importance of good leash handling skills.

Please make sure you can attend each session as our classes are always full which doesn’t allow for make up sessions. There is no refund for missed sessions.

  • 6 week course, same day and time each week
  • Tuesday or Saturday
  • For dogs over 6 months old
  • 45 min sessions
  • Maximum of 6 dogs per course


Please answer the following question at checkout to ensure suitability for this class.

Is your dog difficult to manage on lead when near other dogs? (frequently barking/lunging)

Please note, dogs that are extremely over excited/hyper aroused in the presence of other dogs are not suitable for this group class. Please contact us for further information on what training options would suit best.